[ALUG] kubuntu apt-get not installed

elc elc at freeola.net
Mon Jun 11 23:39:59 BST 2007

kubuntu apt-get not installed.

Currently running Feisty Fawn 7.04

On booting up, my boot-up flash screen comes up.

About halfway thru boot-up the flash screen chages to text (terminal or 
Bash Screen ?),  where I can see the various aspects of the boot-up 

It gets to a point
      "the program 'apt-get' is currently not installed. You can install 
it by typing:
      apt-get install apt

When I type 'apt-get install apt', I get

Bash: apt-get command not found, - and then the next line puts me at my 
root home directory with a flashing curser ready for my input.

I've also tried

sudo apt-get install apt

and the results are the same.

What I am trying to get to is my normal GUI or desktop.

Your help please - elc

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