[ALUG] Connection loss in Storms

Nick Daniels nick at oldhippy068.plus.com
Fri Jun 15 11:23:23 BST 2007

On Friday 15 June 2007 10:32, Simon Jude wrote:

> It is interesting you should mention that as I completely knock out my
> broadband when I transmit on 3.5-3.8 MHz too and the other night I
> managed to lock up my Netgear router too when running 50w of CW.
> Simon
Hi Simon
	Does that mean there is RF near router? Mine is
a Netgear too. I have not trouble when I use my  vertical
50m from the house., but when I use 80m half wave sloper terminated
about 5m from house, Netgear drops out (all on 80m SSB or CW)

Has anyboy had any success on CW sending programs with Linux?

	My hearing is going and I find it much harder to send without hearing
	I have had a lot of success with all modes including CW decode
with GMFSK, but not with CW TX

I found this in FLdigi help file
"You might ask why fldigi doesn't simply provide a keyline output on one of 
the parallel port pins or on RTS or DTR via a comm port.  The answer is quite 
simple.  Linux is a multi-tasking operating system and the interaction 
between the OS and the application causes the timing to be adversely 
effected.   The driver implementation of the audio sub system must be 
responsive and so the OS gives that sub system a very high priority in its 
multi-tasking structure."
	Which could explain the CW send problem.
Better go there is thunderstorm coming :)

			Kind Regards-Nick Daniels
P.S. just got your mail Wayne tnx for info.

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