[ALUG] usb wireless card for visitors

Rob Grant r.grant at uea.ac.uk
Mon Jun 18 16:38:21 BST 2007

Visitors to UEA need to get their network cards registered in order to
access our network. As a more convenient alternative, the technical support
manager here suggested that our school buy two or three usb wireless cards
which can be pre-registered and loaned to visitors.

Obviously, I'd like to make sure that whatever we get will have a good
chance of working for any visitors who arrive with Linux laptops. Hence, any
ideas on either of these would be appreciated.

i) suggestions for a usb wireless card that should plug and play with Linux,
Macs and Windows. Physical robustness probably a help too.

ii) or is this whole idea a bad one?

Apologies if this 'which wireless card?' thing has been rather done to death
here recently. I can't recall anything specifically usb and mac/win
interoperable though.



Rob Grant
Lecturer in Development Economics
School of Development Studies
University of East Anglia
r.grant at uea.ac.uk

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