[ALUG] Idle question about keyboard bindings

Ruth Bygrave rbygrave at ntlworld.com
Tue Jun 19 13:23:36 BST 2007

One of the things that drives me insane about OS X is that I actually  
had to download a tiny home-made hack to get the keyboard layout I  
was used to (" on shift-2, @ next to ;, # next to return).

Apple's idea of a British keyboard is: £ on shift 3, but all the  
others of those keys in what I think of as 'American' places.

Adrian and I both instantly thought this was to do with Apple having  
such an identity as a Californian company it's too arrogant to get  
its localisations right.

I whinged about this at the local Mac user group, and they all said  
it was the normal British keyboard layout.

Is this because:
a) the Mac users are not touch-typists.
b) the Mac users grew up to use computers on the Mac platform, so  
they assume the Apple way is the normal way (my 'Apple imperialism'  
c) Adrian and I both spent 20 years on MS platforms before I switched  
to Mac, and the Mac users are right (their 'MS imperialism' argument).

If any of you can remember the layout for typewriters before the IBM  
PC came along, it might settle the question, but also some of you are  
touch-typists and you're not using a MS platform, so that's another  
way of thinking about it.

Who's right?

Regards, R

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