[ALUG] User group meeting last night

Adam Bower adam at thebowery.co.uk
Tue Jun 19 18:10:40 BST 2007

On Tue, Jun 19, 2007 at 05:47:51PM +0100, Ted Harding wrote:
> So fire away. If there's something you'd like to try but don't
> see how, just bring it up on the list. And, yes, do look at
> books and things. "Linux in a Nutshell" is a handy reference
> compendium when you want to look things up, and for scripting
> see especially Ch 4: "bash: The Bourne Again Shell". But in
> real life it's better to develop your scripts in the context
> of something *you* want to achieve, and ask questions as they
> come up while you're trying to do that.

A really good book for shell scripting is "Classic Shell Scripting"
published by O'Reilly, written by Arnold Robbins & Nelson H.F.Beebe.

It was published in 2005 so is up to date but covers all the crufty old
unix stuff too. I'd highly recommend it.

I'd review it, but i've not finished reading it yet ;)

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