[ALUG] Idle question about keyboard bindings

Ruth Bygrave rbygrave at ntlworld.com
Wed Jun 20 07:53:41 BST 2007

Adrian pointed out that the way Apple *should* have done it was let  
the British Mac user's keyboard be discovered, and then have an  
option for:

If you are a touch-typist, would you like:

PC-style double-quotes (shift-2 is ", shift-' is @)

This may be the best option if you switched from a PC, or if you work  
on Macs and PCs.


Mac-style double-quotes (shift-2 is @, shift-' is ")

This is probably the best option if the only computer you want to use  
is your Mac.

If you are not a touch-typist, this will not make any difference to you.

You can always change this option later.

Actually, I agree with him, and it's this that led to my whole  
'arrogant Californians' idea in the first place. If there was a  
readily-available user-level thing which pointed out how to change  
it, the way there is for 'You have a Windows keyboard, would you like  
to swap Cmd and Option?", it wouldn't have bothered me in the  
slightest. It leaves me feeling they put more in for American  
switchers than Brits, really...

Although I do think Apple may have a point as far as UI/ergonomics is  
concerned, simply because of how much more often I need to type "  
than @...

Regards, Ruth

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