[ALUG] IPLUG meetings

samwise samwise at bagshot-row.org
Thu Jun 21 00:34:26 BST 2007

On 20/06/07, Wayne Stallwood <ALUGlist at digimatic.co.uk> wrote:
> Join the club, I still haven't updated the Library with the books you
> kindly donated :-)

Well, probably suffice to say that if anyone is doing any Java or Perl
programming and/or wants some introductory Linux texts, they should
drop you a mail ... ;)

OK, well, I'm back on the straight and narrow - the meeting notes
should now be up to date, and the last entry was a mammoth one!


A reminder that we voted to try out Facebook this month, so I've
signed up (with this email address).  If y'all want to do the same, we
can either try and find each other on the site, or you can post the
email addresses you've registered with here for a quick method of
identifying ourselves.  Anyway, feel free to add me as a contact,
though I should say that those of stuck at BT can't access it from
work, so you may have to wait until our of hours for authorisation
etc.  Full links and info on the wiki.

Tracy, your new cat pic. is online, so you can download it and put
that in a frame somewhere.  :)  Also, the sound converter apps we
talked about are listed on the wiki (probably easiest to install them
from your distro's main software repositories - just search for the
app name).

Give me a shout if I've forgotten anything and, remember, it is a wiki
- so if you remember any other interesting things from Monday night,
feel free to add to the meeting notes ...



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