[ALUG] Bingo! How to solve my social isolation problem, Ipswich-style!

Ian bell ianbell at ukfsn.org
Sat Jun 23 07:50:26 BST 2007

Ruth Bygrave wrote:
> Sorry about the vent here, but try to follow it along if you can!


I was diagnosed with depression 10 years ago and have 'lived with it' 
ever since. I would suggest the follwoing.

1. Remember you are not alone; about one in 10 people suffer from 
depression at some point in their lives. When I was first diagnosed I 
was surprised how many of my work colleagues had had similar experiences.

2. See a doctor. I am not talking drugs here, but the NHS has some 
very good counselors. Not only can you talk to them but htya will give 
you useful tips on managing depression such as relaxation and 
meditation techniques.

3. See a doctor, because the symptoms of depression are very similar 
to those of other conditions. I tried just about every anti-depressant 
tablet on the market but none seems to do the trick. Then I read an 
article about the male menopause which described symptoms very similar 
to those of depression. I persuaded my doctor to let me have a blood 
test for testosterone and when this was found to be very low I was 
referred to a endocrinologists. To cut a long story short he found I 
had a shrunken pituitary gland which was screwing up my hormone 
system. I now have regular testosterone injections and feel much more 
like a normal human being.

Hope that helps.


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