[ALUG] UK VoIP Providers

Ben Francis lists at hippygeek.co.uk
Wed Jun 27 13:43:16 BST 2007

Hi all,

Does anyone have recommendations of UK based VoIP providers? I'm looking 
for a service with the following kinds of features:

* Standards based (SIP)
* A PSTN phone number pointing at my SIP account (preferably with a 
choosable area code)
* Outward calls to PSTN at good rates (national, international and mobile)
* Dynamic call forwarding (e.g. forward to my mobile at certain times or 
after a certain number of rings)
* Voicemail (preferably with email alerts)

I'm really very attracted to Vonage (http://vonage.com) but there's one 
thing that bothers me. If you want a "softphone" you have to pay for 
their proprietary service at extra cost and they don't support third 
party (i.e. open source) alternatives. This rules out using my own SIP 
client or installing an open source PBX (Asterisk) in the future. They 
say they're looking at opening up the service but they can't give a 



Ben Francis

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