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Mon Oct 8 13:10:40 BST 2007

On 08-Oct-07 11:06:08, Richard Lewis wrote:
> On Monday 08 October 2007 11:05:43 MJ Ray wrote:
>> Richard Lewis <richardlewis at fastmail.co.uk> wrote: [...]
>> >
>> > Does anyone know why my Exim is not forwarding mail correctly?
>> Not really.  Try exim4 -bt events at studios.uea.ac.uk to get better
>> debugging output.  If that is right and your SMTP behaviour is
>> wrong, try restarting exim4, to make sure it's using the current
>> config. For comparison, mine says:
>> R: dnslookup for events at studios.uea.ac.uk
>> events at studios.uea.ac.uk
>>   router = dnslookup, transport = remote_smtp
>>   host musariada.mus.uea.ac.uk []
> OK. I get this:
> musariada:/home/richard# exim4 -bt events at studios.uea.ac.uk
> s.waters at uea.ac.uk is undeliverable: Unrouteable address
>     <-- events at studios.uea.ac.uk
> locally and this:
> aquila:/home/richard# exim4 -bt events at studios.uea.ac.uk
> R: nonlocal for events at studios.uea.ac.uk
> events at studios.uea.ac.uk is undeliverable: Mailing to remote domains 
> not supported
> remotely (from my laptop).

You may be interested in this (transcript of SMTP chat to
the UEA's mailgate5):

telnet  mailgate5.uea.ac.uk 25
Connected to mailgate5.uea.ac.uk.
Escape character is '^]'.
220 mailgate5.uea.ac.uk ESMTP Exim 4.50 Mon, 08 Oct 2007 11:10:40 +0100
EHLO 88-96-44-206.dsl.zen.co.uk
250-mailgate5.uea.ac.uk Hello 88-96-44-206.dsl.zen.co.uk []
250-SIZE 10485760
250 HELP
mail from: ted.harding at manchester.ac.uk
250 OK
rcpt to: events at studios.uea.ac.uk
550 relay not permitted

Similar result with "rcpt to: richardlewis at fastmail.co.uk".

This is not definitive, since my 88-96-44-206.dsl.zen.co.uk
is a personally-assigned fixed IP address for my ADSL service,
and a lot of mailservers are configured to reject such connections
unless it's for internal delivery (end even then may only
accept from approved hosts).

But is suggests one of two possibilities:

A) The machine your exim connects from is not approved for
   SMTP transactions with UEA (as determined from its HELO
   of by reverse loopup)
B) Your email destinations studios.uea.ac.uk and
   fastmail.co.uk are not within what UEa is prepared to
   route mail to (i.e. "relay").

Just thoughts -- without seeing a full SMTP dialogue one can't
tell just why (and where) it fell over, and you didn't get that
in the exim logs.

But it may carry a clue.
Best wishes,

>> But musariada.mus.uea.ac.uk doesn't seem to answer port 25.  Does
>> UEA block SMTP now?  I think I recall struggling with them at
>> various times to keep MTH and STU mailservers running.
> According to netstat musariada is listening on port 25:
> tcp  0  0*  LISTEN  28457/exim4
> tcp6 0  0 :::25       :::*       LISTEN  28457/exim4
> It could be the case that ITCS have put this port behind their 
> firewall. Does this port need to be open to the outside world? If 
> so, I'll try and psyche myself up to ring them.
>> > When a message is sent to, e.g., events at studios.uea.ac.uk, does
>> > it go to some uea.ac.uk server first (mailgate5.uea.ac.uk?) and
>> > then does this server attempt to begin an SMTP conversation
>> > with my server? [...]
>> mailgate5.uea.ac.uk is probably your outgoing mail host.  If
>> you're sending through musariada.mus.uea.ac.uk, that's probably
>> another indication that the active configuration isn't quite
>> right.
>> Is events in your studios.uea.ac.uk alias file?
> Yes it is. So my virtual host configuration requires that Exim is 
> able to send mail out. Maybe this is what its having trouble with? 
> How would it be able to send mail? Would it need to know the name 
> of an SMTP server? 
>> Hope that helps,
> Thanks for your thoughts. So there seem to be two possible problems: 
> either port 25 on musariada is invisible to outsiders, or Exim 
> can't send mail.
> Cheers,
> Richard

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