[ALUG] Flashplayer installation

Mark Rogers mark at quarella.co.uk
Mon Oct 8 19:37:08 BST 2007

MJ Ray wrote:
> As I understood it, all Flash players are a bit unsteady, so I
> wondered why one would pick the programmer-imprisoners' one.

At the moment it's a bit like comparing the unsteadiness observed whilst 
standing on a tube journey with the unsteadiness that might be expected 
were you stood on top of the carriage dodging obstructions hanging from 
the tunnel roof....

Given the task involved (ie writing a "player" for content "coded" by a 
vast array of "designers" across the planet) it's pretty good and all 
credit to the coders, but at the moment there's no real alternative to 
the Macromedia Flash player for those who want access to the content. A 
great shame that is too.

(Based on experience a couple of months back with Gnash 0.8.0, maybe 
things have moved on a bit with the current 0.8.1 alpha release - the 
release notes sound promising.)

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