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** Adam Bower <adam at thebowery.co.uk> [2007-10-09 18:38]:
> On Tue, Oct 09, 2007 at 11:39:42AM +0100, Jonathan McDowell wrote:
> > I encountered an agency who claimed that their document management
> > system couldn't handle searching PDFs. I refrained from pointing out
> > that an IT recruitment agency should really be able to deal with such a
> > common format and ended up using latex2rtf to convert my CV to something
> Aye, "should" is a word I have found I have used lots in relation to
> agencies. I don't think I've ever found a *good* job as the result of an
> agency being involved. All my good jobs I have applied for as someone I
> know has suggested I apply, or that I got the details and applied
> directly or someone offered me a job without me even asking them for
> one. All the jobs that have turned out to not be as described at any 
> point along the way have been agencies, same with my worst interviews
> too, has anyone had any luck with agencies for getting the good jobs?

I still remember one interview, which I think was my first through an
agency. When I got there I found the interview was for a completely
different job to the one I had been told about. After chatting with the
interviewer for a while I was asked whether I thought I could do the
job, to which I replied that I didn't know, but would give it a damn
good go if they wanted to give it to me - which they did! I guess that
was easier since it was a short term contract, but it was extended. I
did try to get taken on full time when they decided to take somebody on,
but that didn't work out. I think that was for the best though as nobody
seemed to work together and there was an expectation that I should
somehow know what needed doing with no training or overall view of what
was going on in the department. They got what they deserved though as
the person that got the job was a total 'jobsworth' with no initiative
at all and a major work avoidance attitude - to sum him up, he had heard
that 50mph was the most economic speed to drive at, so drove at that
speed everywhere - from 30mph limits to motorways!

> > they could handle. Later it turned out that they had indeed removed my
> > contact details and referees from the copy of the CV handed out to
> > potential employers.
> Yeah, I've found they all do that. The worst one was the dodgy ****s who
> put me forward for a job and managed to magic a few more years
> experience onto my cv as they were having difficulty in filling the
> position at the time. I found out about this during the interview when I
> was asked about said things.

I've generally found with agencies and jobs advertised on job sites that
they rarely if ever exist. When I've emailed in copies of my CV I've had
no reply, and when I've phoned the person is never there and never
returns your phone call. Then, a year or so later they contact you about
a job totally unsuited to your qualifications.

All that said, I have met one excellent agency person. He was very clued
up, advised on interview technique, gave you as much info on the job as
he could and wanted follow up on how the interview went as soon as it
was over so he could follow up with the potential employer. He set up on
his own in the end, but I lost touch and don't think he is still
trading. Never got me a job, but did get me some of my best interviews -
i.e. those that matched ones I'd applied for direct in terms of job
description and how close I came to getting them.
** end quote [Adam Bower]

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