[ALUG] HTML question - how to create a sequence of varying indents

Steve steve at iffirewouldfall.com
Fri Oct 19 11:34:28 BST 2007

Greg Thomas wrote:
> </li> tags, like </body> and </html> tags, are not required for valid
> HTML 4. Of course, it's a different story for XHTML, but that's a
> completely different kettle of fish.

But what you're forgetting is that HTML 4 is totally lame and not metal.

XHTML ftw as it's actually vaguely consistent and sensible. HTML 4 ftl
because iexplore seems to like it, it's /so/ last decade and reminds me
of scrolling marquees and <blink>

Therefore, my answer stands because imho, "there can be only one" and
it's XHTML.



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