[ALUG] OpenDocument Foundation ODF da Vinci plugin ended

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Tue Oct 23 13:53:07 BST 2007

samwise <samwise at bagshot-row.org> wrote:
>  I'm not sure how widely it's been picked up, but I noticed yesterday
> that the OpenDocument Foundation's site
> [http://opendocument.foundation.googlepages.com/] has had a small note
> quietly appended.

I've been mostly ignoring this topic because I don't think it affects
me much.  My first question is: who are the OpenDocument Foundation
and why are they using a google domain?

I thought OpenDocument was under OASIS and I thought the main promoter
was the OpenDocument Fellowship, not Foundation.

> 'Note: All work on ODF da Vinci has ended. Without OASIS approval of
> our five generic eXtensions, known as the iX enhancements, we can not
> effectively convert existing Microsoft documents, applications and
> processes to ODF.

Second question: does this look to anyone else like toys out of the
pram because this Foundation can't take over the standard?

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