[ALUG] Books for library

Ruth Bygrave rbygrave at ntlworld.com
Thu Oct 25 22:01:51 BST 2007

XSLT For Dummies (not for this dummy. Boyfriend says XSLT is just  
what I want, and I find it abstruse and impossible)
Discover Linux by Steve Oualline
The Complete Unix (incl Linux, Solaris, HP-UX)
Unix Hints and Hacks (Que; haven't used this much)
Beginning XSLT by Jeni Tennison
	(Good, but failed to learn XSLT from it, quite long)
Micromania by Dave Langford
	(very short and jokey about 8-bit computers and hackers; will make  
you laugh if you remember those days; I do, just).
Javascript, by Danny Goodman (absolutely enormous; failed to learn  
Javascript even with Dashcode to make it easy).

These things can go in the ALUG library, and if I feel brave in a few  
years' time I'll prise open one of the covers...

If anyone wants this doubtful heap, they can come over and pick it  
up, as I don't drive.

I'm keeping the Applescript books (tight integration with Mac apps,  
and easy words) and the Fish Book (bash is good for really simple  
things), and determined not to go near anything that will scare me  
for a while.

Ruth (...Linux drove me mad. Twice...) Bygrave

PS. Historical accident: both times I decided to prod Linux and/or  
find out more about Darwin (OS X distro) were just before I fell into  
a deep depression. I need to keep the under-the-hood bits under the  
hood for a while.

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