[ALUG] MS Office Publisher equivalent

Richard Bensley richardbensley at mhplastics.com
Tue Oct 30 08:12:25 GMT 2007

> Hi Rich,
> Thanks for that it will be really useful. I'm going to download Scribus
> and play with it awhile before I show it to the people who will be
> expected to use it. I'll also talk them through the process of changing
> files into pdfs and see how that goes, hopefully they don't have too
> many things that need converting, I think they work on a more ad hoc
> basis.
> When (and unfortunately it will be a 'when') I run into the kind of
> problem that just makes no sense, I'll be asking for your expert advice
> again!
> Thanks
> Steve
> Stephen Dickinson

No problem, we all look forward to hearing your progress.


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