[ALUG] Email from cron scripts

Mark Rogers mark at quarella.co.uk
Tue Oct 30 18:50:33 GMT 2007

keith.jamieson at bt.com wrote:
> Try using a few script files for this!!!
> cron a /path/to/launch.sh which is like

That sounds like a reasonable idea, I'll give it a try.

> but it looks like there might be an error because you kill the mail server and the set it on its way. Then immediately send an email, so the server might not be started up in time.

I think (I'm probably wrong) that when I piped directly into mail, mail 
must have opened a connection to the mail server at that point, so 
killing mail after that broke things. I'm pretty sure that mail is up by 
the time the script finishes (indeed I added a "postqueue -f" to start 
processing any backlog, which would have complained if postfix was not 
up by that point but did not).

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