[ALUG] Comparison of CPU speeds

(Ted Harding) Ted.Harding at manchester.ac.uk
Wed Jul 9 21:43:50 BST 2008

Hi Folks,
Sorry for any cross-posting which may affect any of you!

I've been asked the following, but don't know the technicalities
to provide an answer myself.

Given that a certain simulation job (10,000 rounds) takes 6-8
hours on an Intel Pentium 4  CPU 2.59GHz machine, what might
it take (i.e. what speed factor) on a machine with

a) IntelR CoreT2 Duo E6400

b) IntelR CoreT2 Duo E6600

c) IntelR CoreT2 Duo E6700

(Ball-park will do). I haven't been given the GHz speeds for
these other processors, but a quick Google suggests they're
all around 2.6GHz, give or take a bit.

The computations for the simulation are numerically intensive;
also much reading to & writing from RAM.

With thanks,

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