[ALUG] Job vacancies - Network Operations, System Administration, LAMP Development

Ben White ben at cuckoo.org
Fri Jul 11 18:08:44 BST 2008


We've got a couple of jobs open within our Network Operations team
based in Great Blakenham just outside Ipswich.

The company is an ISP, Timico Ltd who have aquired KeConnect Internet
and Twang.net in the past couple of years.

The Timico NOC is tasked with running the infrastructure and services
for all 3 organisations.

The job description is fairly fluid at the moment until we see some applicants.

There's 2 positions open and with the successful candidates we need to
find experience in network operations, system administration and LAMP
development skills.

More details and how to apply available at

Many Thanks,

Ben White


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