[ALUG] [ALUG Announce] Enemy Territory Quake Wars Game night

Wayne Stallwood wayne at digimatic.co.uk
Wed Jul 16 00:26:08 BST 2008

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The first (and if nobody turns up, last)

**Official Enemy Territory:Quake Wars ALUG game night**

Play for the first night will be on a public ranked server, if it goes
well then we can consider hosting a server, forming a clan etc but this
game needs at least 4 players a side before it gets interesting so I
want to get an idea of numbers first before we commit to that.

First game on the 22nd of July at 8PM, meet on #alug (IRC) at 7:30 to
find out what server we are on.

Second game at 10PM, meet on IRC at 9:30.

Alternatively friend drjeep and or dralafi within the game before 6PM
and use the follow feature to find us.

For those that don't know ET:QW is a fps with strong team play elements,
a linux client is available but unfortunately this is a commercial game.
(all be it currently available for £7 or less delivered)

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