[ALUG] Ipswich Meet Location on the 21st

samwise samwise at bagshot-row.org
Mon Jul 21 13:57:40 BST 2008

> Part of that problem is that people who currently don't go to a meeting
> due to parking/access/whatever reasons who are in Ipswich won't get a
> hand in saying anything.

Please direct me to someone who had any problem attending the Ipswich
meets for any of those reasons.   I'd genuinely be happy to discuss
how our venue choice could be improved to increase potential

We worked very hard last time to select a venue which was the most
accessible, and fully documented it (and all the parking etc.) on the
wiki.  We will go through the same rigorous selection process again
this time - in fact, The Punch & Judy is the one venue that could be
seen as more accessible than our last, because it's even closer to the
train station.

It's possible we could make access easier for individuals by radically
moving away from the town centre and towards where they live, but I
don't think that would be of benefit for the majority.

Currently we intend to factor in ample parking, walking distance from
the bus/train stations, quiet enough that we can hear ourselves, big
enough tables to accommodate at least 10 of us and, with a slightly
lesser priority: free wi-fi access, reasonably-priced meals for anyone
who wants to eat early and a selection of decent local ales*.  If
anyone has any suggestions to add to that last, we can add those for


* Yes, some might argue this should be the highest priority. Let's not
start that ...

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