[ALUG] Enemy Territory Quake Wars Game night

Adam Bower adam at thebowery.co.uk
Tue Jul 22 13:34:24 BST 2008

On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 01:10:31PM +0100, samwise wrote:
> I brought the subject up, in case there was anyone else out there with
> lower system requirements like mine that might fancy joining in the
> fun.  :)

Just would have been nice to be having this discussion /last/ week ;)

There is going to be at least 4 of us planning to join in tonight with
etqw that I know of on irc, so etqw will go ahead as planned. We planned
2 games in case people have problems getting online or with game setup
etc. etc.

Anyhow, as we are hoping that etqw will be semi-regular (and even if it
isn't a few aluggers play it on a semi-regular basis) you can currenly
get the game from hmv.co.uk for £7.99 with delivery. I think we are
going to do this again sometime next week but are going to see if we hit
any problems tonight before deciding which day etc. So if you want to
play next week then order a copy of the game now!

jabberid = quinophex at jabber.earth.li

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