[ALUG] Enemy Territory Quake Wars Game night

runlevel ten runlevelten at gmail.com
Tue Jul 22 13:39:43 BST 2008

As for QuakeWars Night, it's a brilliant game - I'll stick with it for this
week, have no interest changing to openarena at short notice myself, and am
looking forward to it.

I'd be interested if a good openarena, or warsow, or tremulous - or even
Enemy Territory session were arranged at another time - and it might be good
for people this week who can't play ET:QW.

I'd certainly like to have a networked game of FreeCiv too - which has
worked well in the past.

Might I suggest we make a regular, if informal thing of social gaming? We
can then rotate through all of these titles if people want to.

That said, roll on the QuakeWars fun.
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