[ALUG] Enemy Territory Quake Wars game night success

Adam Bower adam at thebowery.co.uk
Wed Jul 23 10:57:18 BST 2008


etqw last night was a pretty good success, 4 of us played hopefully we
are going to do it again very soon. If you are interested then post here
or find either quinophex, DrJeep or DralaFi on irc and we'll try to
thrash out a time/date although we will probably have ad-hoc games
during the week so asking on irc if we are playing might also be

Just from a personal perspective given I'd not played quake wars until 
last night if we do get some more people interested who have not played
before, perhaps we shouldn't go on a ranked server first and find a 
quiet server with some bots so it is a bit slower paced? I found the 
ranked game was far to frantic given I wasn't really sure what I was 
doing but as soon as we went up against some bots and had a bit more 
breathing space it became lots easier as I managed to work out how to
actually complete missions.

jabberid = quinophex at jabber.earth.li

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