[ALUG] Enemy Territory Quake Wars game night success

Wayne Stallwood ALUGlist at digimatic.co.uk
Wed Jul 23 12:07:49 BST 2008

On Wed, 2008-07-23 at 10:57 +0100, Adam Bower wrote:
> Hi,
> etqw last night was a pretty good success, 4 of us played hopefully we
> are going to do it again very soon.

Yus I had a good time too, although at the high point I counted 5
players :)

Ten, Quinophex, Dralafi, Teatime and myself

>  If you are interested then post here
> or find either quinophex, DrJeep or DralaFi on irc and we'll try to
> thrash out a time/date although we will probably have ad-hoc games
> during the week so asking on irc if we are playing might also be
> sensible.
Alternatively friending us within the game will tell you if and where we
are playing.

> Just from a personal perspective given I'd not played quake wars until 
> last night if we do get some more people interested who have not played
> before, perhaps we shouldn't go on a ranked server first and find a 
> quiet server with some bots so it is a bit slower paced? I found the 
> ranked game was far to frantic given I wasn't really sure what I was 
> doing but as soon as we went up against some bots and had a bit more 
> breathing space it became lots easier as I managed to work out how to
> actually complete missions.

100% agreed here certainly at my current skill level and the level any
new players are going to be joining at the unranked servers with a few
bots allow time to understand the game. Another advantage is that there
is generally plenty of unranked servers sitting idle with say 6 bots on
which makes it very easy for us to balance teams without being dependant
on a number of players turning up that night (or play human vs Bot but
that generally turns out too easy even for novice players).

The thing with ET:QW is that if you play it just like a standard FPS
then you are missing the best bit of the game but to a new player on a
ranked server like the first one it is hard to understand the secondary
objectives. Once the general skill level is up we can take the ALUG clan
tag that Ten has grabbed for us and start playing on the ranked servers.
Or perhaps if numbers permit have a mix of unranked and ranked games.

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