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> I'm looking for an application (preferably light-weight)
> which sould do the following kind of thing.
> I have a good number of images (*.jpg) stored in sub-directories
> of sundry directories.
> The main directory names are rather generic (e.g. a regional
> location, or names of friends or family). The subdirectories
> are fairly specific and can descend to very spcific (e.g.
> a sub-sub-sub-directory with just a date, like "2007.03.05").
> I'd like to be able to whistle up screenfuls of thumbnails,
> possible grouped thematically, with a property like being
> able to "hover" the mouse over a thumbnail and get a little
> pop-up with the date of the photo and a brief description.


A nice lightweight application that I use for creating web albums is
"albumshaper" (albumshaper.sourceforge.net). It won't do everything you
want, but it comes reasonably close. You can create albums with
annotated pictures (but you have to edit the text yourself). The
package provides for export to a variety of album styles.

An example of an album I created is at

The app automatically creates thumbnails. If you doubleclick a
thumbnail, you get the full picture.


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