[ALUG] Ripping HD-DVD disks to XVID

Mark Rogers mark at quarella.co.uk
Mon Nov 10 09:38:27 GMT 2008

I have recently bought some HD-DVD disks as they're getting very cheap 
now that HD-DVD has been killed off in favour of Blu-Ray.

I have an HD capable TV with an XVID capable DVD player built into it. 
And I have an HD-DVD reader (& DVD writer) to plug into my PC. At the 
moment I haven't connected it up because it's SATA based and I've run 
out of SATA connectors so some juggling is going to be required (or I 
can stick it into a Windows PC).

So, before I go too far, does anyone have any hints as to how I can rip 
HD-DVD content and convert it into XVID to burn back to a DVD? I want to 
basically get a full DVD in MPEG4 format from an HD-DVD.

Will I even be able to read the HD-DVD in Linux? (My desktop is Ubuntu 

I don't have any other HD-DVD player so buying the disks was a bit of a 
gamble really :-)

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