[ALUG] Ripping HD-DVD disks to XVID

Mark Rogers mark at quarella.co.uk
Mon Nov 10 13:59:51 GMT 2008

Adam Bower wrote:
> You also have to take into account that the video on a DVD is already 
> compressed, that doesn't mean it actually looks good in the first place
> and couldn't have done with being a higher bitrate/quality but that 
> wouldn't fit on the DVD so a compromise has already been made.

OK, that's a fair point I hadn't thought about. Are movie DVDs actually 
running out of space inside even 4.7GB for the actual movie content? 
(Ignoring extras, menus, etc.)

> Oh, and you should have got an HD-DVD player when they were £70 with 5
> free films included ;)

Tell me about it :-(

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