[ALUG] Report on low power PC exercise

Srdjan Todorovic todorovic.s at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 16 17:03:00 GMT 2008

2008/11/16 Srdjan Todorovic <todorovic.s at googlemail.com>:
> Hi
> 2008/11/16 Chris G <cl at isbd.net>:
>>    Amazing that a system which idles at 50 watts and always uses less
>>    than 100 watts can't start up with a 355 watt power supply.
>>    Apparently SATA drives hit the 12 volt rail harder than IDE drives
>>    used to.
> Really? How? Why?
> I seem to remember reading that my Western Digital 500GB 7200rpm SATA
> drives use 6W each. And this AFAIK was from the datasheet/specs from
> WDC.

Correction. 9.5W

 Mode           12 V     5 V     Power
Read/Write      450 mA   800 mA  9.5 W

> Is 6W really that much of a difference to cause this problem?
> Surely it's probably due to a rubbish unbranded PSU with badly
> rated/cheap components? What make is it?

I seem to remember reading/being told (before I bought my PSU) that
the generic PSUs one gets free with cases usually are quite rubbish,
not stable and generally can't provide enough current on the power
rails. Perhaps this is the problem?


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