[ALUG] formatting a hard drive in linux

Mark Rogers mark at quarella.co.uk
Wed Nov 19 10:13:30 GMT 2008

Barrys linux mail wrote:
> I thought windows may try and boot from the linux drive, Thats why i 
> want it erased as drivers will be wrong for desktop

Your PC's BIOS may try to boot the Linux disk (unlikely unless you fit 
it as a master), otherwise you should have no problems. Windows itself 
will not be involved in that decision (by the time Windows starts the 
"who should boot?" has been decided).

Moving a Windows disk from one machine to another usually results in 
blue screens due to missing drivers but Linux is much more forgiving and 
I've never yet had a major problem moving between hardware, so that is 
an option.

I would suggest putting the disk in and seeing what problems you have 
then resolving them if necessary, but if you want to wipe the drive 
before you start then the Ubuntu Live CD should allow this (use System 
-> Administration -> Partition Manager to delete all the HDD 
partitions), or download something like dban (CD image, burn to disk 
then boot from it) to securely wipe any disk.

Note that you do not need to format the disk, just remove the existing 

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