[ALUG] USB, hard drive, media player sort of question

Chris G cl at isbd.net
Wed Nov 19 13:23:58 GMT 2008

If I have (well I do hope to have) a television which will display
pictures from a USB memory stick plugged into it, what format(s) will
it expect on the USB stick?  The manual for the TV isn't all *that*
helpful, it says (among other things) :-

    This TV Supports on JPEG and MP3

    Only a USB storage device is recognizable

    Please use only a USB storage device which was formatted as a
    FAT32 file system provided with the Windows
    operating system. In case of a storage device formatted as a
    different utility programme which is not supported
    by Windows, it may not be recognized.

    File alignment method of USB storage device is similar to Window
    XP and filename can recognize up to 100
    English characters

So, OK, the USB stick needs to be formatted as FAT32 and have Windows
XP compatible file names.  That shouldn't be a problem.  Does there
have to be any particular directory structure?

Oh a few more bits from the manual:-

    PHOTO(*.JPEG) supporting file
    Baseline: 7680 x 4320
    • You can play JPEG files only.
    • Only baseline scan is supported among JPEG (SOF0, SOF1 only).
    • Non-supported files are displayed in the form of bitmap.

Does anyone know what any of the above means, in particular "Baseline"
and SOF0, SOF1?

Going on from the above could one plug a USB disk into the same TV?
The manual says "It doesn’t support USB HDD" but I don't really
understand how it would know, sure a USB storage device looks the same
whether it's a flash drive or a disk drive.

This is all with a view to choosing a new TV on which I want to
display photographs which are stored on my PC.  I've decided that TVs
with a network connection (ethernet) are too expensive and/or aren't
particularly good in other ways so I'm looking at the alternative ways
of transferring pictures.   Quite a few TVs have a 'PC' input (either
or both of Sub-D and HDMI) but that requires the PC to be reasonably
close to the TV and/or a dedicated PC.  If I can get the pictures off
the network via USB it would be easier.

Any/all information would be welcome, it's not something I know much about.

Chris Green

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