[ALUG] Issue/Bug Tracking Systems

Mark Rogers mark at quarella.co.uk
Wed Nov 26 14:23:56 GMT 2008

I have just found out that a client is looking at bug/issue management 
systems, with the ones they've mentioned being Axosoft, Track Studio and 
Projector. (All but the latter are easy to find online, I've not found 
Projector's website).

The client will be using them, I believe, to track maintenance and other 
issues on their site (ie not software bugs).

Are there any good FOSS alternatives I should suggest to them or should 
I stay out of their way? I suspect that none of the off-the-shelf 
packages will do what they want and a FOSS option would make it easier 
to modify, but the other suggestion of building something from scratch 
will probably be a big uphill struggle unless it turns out they have 
very simple needs.

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