Brett Parker iDunno at sommitrealweird.co.uk
Wed Nov 26 16:34:23 GMT 2008

On 26 Nov 14:44, Torben Stones wrote:
> I'm trying to setup sSMTP on a small home server, so that I can get the
> output from the cron jobs e-mailed to me.  I believe that I've got it all
> setup correctly, as the message seems to be sent, but I'm never reciving
> anything.
> The config is so that every thing is sent to my gmail account and I'm useing
> smtp.googlemail.com as the smtp server.
> I'm trying to test using the command
> echo "Hello from sSMTP" | sendmail -v root
> From the output it looks like it is working OK, but nothing ever arives.
> Has anyone set this up using google and/or does anyone have any idea as what
> I can check next.

Err, have you got an alias setup for root? It might be that it's being
filtered out google end... have you checked the ssmtp logs? What's shown
in there? Are you using authenticated SMTP to talk to google's SMTP

Brett Parker

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