[ALUG] Display error when switching to console from X

Brett Parker iDunno at sommitrealweird.co.uk
Thu Nov 27 11:21:05 GMT 2008

On 27 Nov 10:59, Chris G wrote:
> I'm running xubuntu 8.10 (though I suspect the problem is common to
> all 8.10 ubuntu versions).
> I can run X fairly reliably though I do have some issues when logging
> in and out presumably due to switching resolutions.
> However switching to a console using CTRL/ALT/F1 (or any of the
> others) doesn't work.  I just get an error message from my monitor
> saying the resolution is invalid.  My monitor is a Dell 2001FP capable
> of up to 1600x1200 so I suspect that the CTRL/ALT/F1 is switching to a
> totally impossible resolution.
> How can I fix this problem?  Is there any way to specify the mode and
> resolution to use for the text mode consoles?

Please think about what you're posting and provide the neccessary info
for us mere mortals without telepathic capabilities to help.

So, in this instance:
    Version of X.Org that you're running
    Graphics chipset
    X.Org driver you're using
    Wether or not you're using DRI

And potentially:
    Kernel version

I've seen this quite often on nvidia graphics cards using the binary
nvidia driver.

Brett Parker

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