[ALUG] Eee and root

Anthony Anson anthony.anson at zetnet.co.uk
Sun Jun 7 15:55:56 BST 2009

Wayne Stallwood wrote:
> Regardless of whether or not you set a password, the first user you set
> up (or the only user if you only have one user on the machine) will be
> an sudo'er..it will probably just not prompt you for a password if one
> wasn't set.
> If you set a password and then somehow set up autologin and then forgot
> the password then you'll need to do the boot in single user mode,
> remount / and change/set the root password dance probably.
That would be much easier in a proper version of Linux - this thing, 
which is more Windozy than Windows, with My This, and My That, and 
default to brash and 'orrid icons in a Windozy GUI - just starts, and 
presents a page of Internet, Work, learn, Play and Favourites.

I could do without practically everything on each of these - an do. 
Accordingly (at great expense) I've bought a vast tome of 'how to do it' 
command line and shell scripting, and despite Asus inisting that 'I may 
not' remove pre-installed programs, most of them are coming off...

About the only things I use are Firefox, Thunderbird, the Vodafone 
dongleything, wireless notworks, File Mangler and Open Office. I might 
use some of the other facilities, but I really can't think that I'll 
want to.
> BTW is there something wrong with your clock..you seem to have replied
> to my message before I sent it :)

Auntie Sipation?



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