[ALUG] Eee and root

Anthony Anson anthony.anson at zetnet.co.uk
Sun Jun 7 18:00:57 BST 2009

Simon Elliott wrote:

>> <thinks> Must look in the BIOS and see if I can boot from USB...

> It will completely remove the Xandros install leaving nothing, but it 
> does come with Firefox. Thunderbird can be installed via command line, 
> "sudo apt-get install mozilla-thunderbird". However, I'm not sure about 
> the Vodafone part. A quick search of apt throws up a package called 
> "gcom - Option GlobeTrotter and Vodafone datacard control tool" which 
> may or may not be useful?

Probably what I have. Unfortunately, this is at present my only access 
to the internet, and if I louse-up the order of doing things, I may be 
back to square 1. Been offline for a while because my big box suddenly 
took it into its head not to work with anything NT-based, and as my 
usual internet software (been using it for ten or more years) runs in 
Win 2000 or later, getting the dongledriver onto the Eee necessitated a 
friend with a connection, and a crossover network cable...

So, I've an external caddy which will accommodate a drive, and my plan 
(if that's the word for this pious hope) was to make a bootable copy of 
this Xandros drive *BEFORE* burning my boats...

> There's probably a HOWTO somewhere online for 
> what you're after. If it's a debian/Ubuntu specific how to it'll work on 
> Cruncheee which is Ubuntu based.
Which in turn, is Debian-based, no?

> The BIOS should support USB booting, you might have to change the boot 
> order or enable it but usually hitting escape or F2 or something right 
> at the start of the boot up will do the trick :)
> Best of luck..
Thanks - I'll need it.

Might have to cycle over to the Reindeer on Thursday - last bus home 
leaves St. Steve's before seven of the clock.


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