[ALUG] Long UTF-8 message in Subject!!!

Martijn Koster mak-alug at greenhills.co.uk
Fri Jun 12 12:01:41 BST 2009

(Ted Harding) wrote:
> Any takers?
this quick-and-dirty Perl:

use MIME::Base64;
$_=~s/^Subject: //;
foreach $line (split('\n'))
print decode_base64($line), "\n";


E-Cops - Title - Act now and avoid a 'cat
astrophie'! “Surely not that old trick;
that died out years ago” I hear you say.
Not so, it’s very much alive and well and
in the past few days we have seen a number
of homes entered using cat flaps and letter
boxes. How? Walking sticks, fishing rods
, long arms, in fact anything that can be
used to grab hold of those precious items we
leave around our homes will be used. What
are they stealing? Handbags, phones, house
keys, car keys, jewellery have all gone
missing. Why break in when you can help
yourself? If your keys are on display life
is made even easier. Not only will they be
able to open your doors they may well take
your car from the drive loading it up before
they go! What can you do? Think like a
burglar. Look through your letter boxes and
animal flaps. What you can see they see they
can see. What you can grasp they may take
and remember, if you can get in without
forcing entry so can they. Also, let your
neighbours know and report any suspicious
activity straight away. Please don’t make
it easy for burglars. Take action today and
help us all to stay safer.

-- Martijn

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