[ALUG] Long UTF-8 message in Subject!!!

(Ted Harding) Ted.Harding at manchester.ac.uk
Fri Jun 12 12:33:09 BST 2009

Brett & Martijn: Pure magic! Thank you!
(Plus, python is magic too for me, till now ... )
And thanks Phil for the pointer to the perl option.

Has anyone else ever encountered a whole message being typed
into the Subject? I think it's a first for me, in all my years
on email. (I can see how a naive operator might think that was
the thing to do, though -- after all, the message is what it's
about, innit? Probably done by copy&paste, though)

Best wishes to all,

On 12-Jun-09 11:01:41, Martijn Koster wrote:
> (Ted Harding) wrote:
>> Any takers?
> this quick-and-dirty Perl:
> use MIME::Base64;
> $/=undef;
> $_=<>;
> $_=~s/^Subject: //;
> $_=~s/\s+//g;
> $_=~s/(=\?UTF-8\?B\?)/\n/g;
> foreach $line (split('\n'))
> {
> print decode_base64($line), "\n";
> }
> says:
> """
> E-Cops - Title - Act now and avoid a 'cat
> astrophie'! “Surely not that old trick;
> that died out years ago” I hear you say.
> Not so, it’s very much alive and well and
> in the past few days we have seen a number
> of homes entered using cat flaps and letter
> boxes. How? Walking sticks, fishing rods
> , long arms, in fact anything that can be
> used to grab hold of those precious items we
> leave around our homes will be used. What
> are they stealing? Handbags, phones, house
> keys, car keys, jewellery have all gone
> missing. Why break in when you can help
> yourself? If your keys are on display life
> is made even easier. Not only will they be
> able to open your doors they may well take
> your car from the drive loading it up before
> they go! What can you do? Think like a
> burglar. Look through your letter boxes and
> animal flaps. What you can see they see they
> can see. What you can grasp they may take
> and remember, if you can get in without
> forcing entry so can they. Also, let your
> neighbours know and report any suspicious
> activity straight away. Please don’t make
> it easy for burglars. Take action today and
> help us all to stay safer.
> """
> -- Martijn
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