[ALUG] Gentoo kernel installation hangs while removing something under /var

Srdjan Todorovic todorovic.s at googlemail.com
Fri Jun 12 16:37:51 BST 2009

Hi all,

Gentoo is awesome. Didn't know a new version came out.
Might install it this weekend, although #alug will laugh and poke fun at me ;)

On 12/06/2009, Dan Hatton <vi5u0-alug at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> On Fri, 12 Jun 2009, Jim Rippon wrote:
>> Sounds like your var partition had filled up perhaps
> Hmm... df never showed it more than 20% full, although perhaps I just
> didn't run df at the right time.
>> what size was the partition you had mounted?
> IIRC, 12GB, so not _that_ small.

I've had openoffice 3 fill up about 4 GB out of my root fs... so the
compilation actually errored out.

> current disc usage on my Fedora box, along with a vague idea that
> having a small /var would stop malfunctioning processes filling up my
> hard disc by writing lots of rubbish into /var/log.
>> but it extracts package sources under
>> /var/tmp/portage/$(package_name) and compiles them therein so you
>> need to have a fair amount of space in /var in order to
>> extract/build larger packages (openoffice, firefox, kernel etc).
> I'm tempted to make /var/tmp/portage a symlink to something in the
> root filesystem, then.  Is there any reason that would be enormously
> stupid?

What I did was to mount -o bind /var/tmp/portage
/home/srdjant/portage, as I had a lot more space in /home/

Then I waited for about 2 days for openoffice 3 to compile ;P
(2 GHz core 2 duo, 2GB ram)


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