[ALUG] [ALUG Announce] 3rd Monday Monthly Ipswich Social Meeting : McGintys, Northgate Street

samwise samwise at bagshot-row.org
Mon Jun 15 12:36:51 BST 2009

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The monthly "Third Monday" ALUG Ipswich Social Meeting is back tonight
(Monday 15th June) at 20:00:

P J McGinty & Sons
15 Northgate Street

Tel: 01473 251 515
Map/Directions URI: http://maps.google.co.uk/?q=IP1+3BY
WWW: http://pjmcginty.moonfruit.com/

McGintys pub is in the centre of Ipswich, not far from our old haunt -
The Milestone.  It's directly opposite the town's central library and
has a reputation for good Irish beer.

All are welcome, novices and experienced users.  Feel free to ask for
further information on the Main ALUG mailing list.

Sorry for the late reminder - I've been camping all weekend with no
access to internet.  Topics for discussion is wide open - nothing
major planned this month.  We can potentially discuss eBooks and see
an in-development Android title tho.

Remember to call or email me, if you're arriving later and want to
ensure I don't wander off, which I have a tendency to do if the
turn-out hits rock-bottom ...

Hope to see you there,


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