[ALUG] Face Recognition

Adrian Clark alien at essex.ac.uk
Tue Jun 16 11:48:08 BST 2009

On 16 Jun 2009, at 11:09, Mark Rogers wrote:

> On the back of a bus I saw an advert for the Apple Mac talking about  
> its ability to use face recognition when processing photos.
> Is there anything like this in Linux?

There are two aspects to this: finding faces in images ('face  
localization' in the literature) and face recognition.  The standard  
localization algorithm is due to Viola & Jones, and there is a  
(trained) implementation in OpenCV which you can pretty well just  
download and run.  As an aside, the Viola-Jones algorithm is not  
rotation-independent and that is why cameras that offer face  
localization invariably have orientation sensors, so they can process  
both landscape- and portrait-orientation images.

There is a fair amount of research-level code for face recognition  
kicking around but I haven't seen anything suitable for people who  
aren't willing to do some serious hacking...but, then again, I haven't  
looked.  This might be fun to do.  An ALUG summer project, anyone?

As a regular Mac user, I've imported a few dozen of my photos into  
iPhoto and can confirm that its 'Faces' feature is fairly well- 
implemented, both in terms of recognition and in its user interface.

For those who are keen photographers, the companion feature of  
'Places' (geotagging) stinks, even with the latest iPhoto patches.   
One is supposed to be able to add new places if the software doesn't  
know about them (and that's everywhere outside a major city in the UK,  
it seems) but the implementation is very crufty at the moment: one is  
supposed to be able to move the (google) map in the interface but this  
simply doesn't work!


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