[ALUG] Face Recognition

Mark Rogers mark at quarella.co.uk
Tue Jun 16 12:13:51 BST 2009

Adrian Clark wrote:
> There are two aspects to this: finding faces in images ('face 
> localization' in the literature) and face recognition.  The standard 
> localization algorithm is due to Viola & Jones, and there is a 
> (trained) implementation in OpenCV which you can pretty well just 
> download and run.  As an aside, the Viola-Jones algorithm is not 
> rotation-independent and that is why cameras that offer face 
> localization invariably have orientation sensors, so they can process 
> both landscape- and portrait-orientation images.

Interesting - thanks for the detailed info.

If I understand correctly, OpenCV is "just" a library. Are there any 
user tools out there which make use of it, eg to add info to EXIF info 
within JPEGs that other software might be able to use?

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