[ALUG] xsession-errors again...help!

Anthony Anson anthony.anson at zetnet.co.uk
Sun Jun 28 19:03:31 BST 2009

Wayne Stallwood wrote:
> On Sun, 2009-06-28 at 18:35 +0100, Anthony Anson wrote:
>> Never come across Beagle or Tracker - are they automagically conjured 
>> when you do a full installation of Debian?
> I suspect Debian "does the right thing" (tm) and doesn't put them in by
> default. Ubuntu and others do though.
That's good. Tried to make an Ubantu live CD from a coverdisc and it 
didn't work, so, while I have an alleged Ubantu CD, actually working, 
I've only a live Knoppix CD (which seems to behave), this Early-Learning 
version of Xandros on the Eee, and a full installation of Debian on the 
Big Box.

Strangely, the Big Box has suddenly taken a dislike to anything 
NT-based, and won't work with W 2000 or XP, but tolerates DOS and Win 98 
of booth flavours. It makes no complaint about any Linux distro...


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