[ALUG] Linux Laptop

Simon Royal mrsimonroyal at gmail.com
Thu Dec 2 17:23:41 GMT 2010


I am looking at switching - once again to Linux on a more permanent state.

Ive been a Mac user for 11 years with an interest in Linux. Last year I switched to Linux on a low end laptop but moved back to Mac.

Now I am triple booting on an old Mac (OS9, OSX and Ubuntu), but it is a bit old an PowerPC Linux is very unsupported.

Id love a new Mac but cant afford it. I cant even afford a half decent one. The only funds I have will be from the sale of mine, which luckily should be about £100 and will buy a failry decent PC laptop.

So I am looking for suggestions. It will run Ubuntu or Mint alongside Windows (for those times when you have to use Windows).

It needs to be fairly small, with a built in CD drive, USB, PCMCIA slot and built in sound. I know that all sounds fairly standard but Ive had machines in the past few years without some of these.

It really needs to be at least a 1Ghz machine capable of 1GB RAM - DDR preferably but PC133 would be ok.

It needs to be good with Linux, no odd hardware that needs major tweaking to work.

So suggestions please.


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