[ALUG] Travelodge Wifi

Mark Reid mail at markreid.net
Mon Dec 6 23:34:01 GMT 2010

On 06/12/10 22:08, Tim Green wrote:
> On 6 December 2010 19:29, Jim Rippon<jim at rippon.me.uk>  wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm stuck in a Travelodge in Marylebone this week while renewing my RHCE certification.
>> Unfortunately I can only get connected to the travelodge wifi from Windows on my laptop - doesn't seem to make much difference which browser choice I make when back in Linux where I want to me.
> Like most hotel systems the access point should be easy to connect to
> and get an IP address, but it won't open up to the Internet until you
> visit a specific webpage and login. Can you associate with the access
> point and get an IP address? Can you ping the gateway? Does visiting
> something safe like http://www.bbc.co.uk/ redirect to the login page?
> Good luck!
> Tim.
Travelodge's wifi is a pay system so you are never going to get further 
than the limited number of pages they allow.  If I recall my past 
dealings with them correctly, if you've bought time on the wifi in 
advance, you should be able to log on via their website in the My 
Account section.  If you haven't there is a page you can get to run by 
Spectrum who run Travelodge's wifi.

ON the other hand, you're in Central LOondon and if you don't mind 
moving out of your hotel room, you should find plenty of free wifi 
hotspots - and if all else fails you could try MacDonald's!!

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