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Wed Dec 8 07:13:57 GMT 2010

keithjamieson at hotmail.co.uk wrote:

>Try wot the others said, and also try this in linux and then see the
>source code of th epage, and see where the link would take you to.
>> Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2010 08:11:12 +0000
>> From: jim at rippon.me.uk
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>> Subject: Re: [ALUG] Travelodge Wifi
>> Mark, Keith and Tim,
>> Thanks for your replies - I was a bit short on useful information in
>my last message, sorry.
>> I can associate with the AP and obtain an IP fine, my problems are
>that once connected I can't get the registration page to load.
>> In Window$, it comes up fine (in both Chrome and Firefox), but in
>Ubuntu I just get a broken img artefact and a message to the effect of
>"service not available try again later"
>> I'd be happy to just use something else, but as I paid for wifi with
>my room, I kinda feel a bit cheated that I can't use it for is intended
>purpose to practise and revise my coursework.
>> Thanks for your input :)
>> Jim
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And complain loudly, vehemently and often to Travelodge management about the lack of proper service.

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