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On 12-Dec-10 12:26:24, Phil Wade wrote:
> On 11 Dec 2010 18:22 Wayne Stallwood wrote:
> <snip>
>> Wait....are you telling me you have a LaserJet 1000 that still works ?
>> :)
> Yep. It was given to me a few years ago by a customer when the toner
> ran out. It sounds like changing the car when the ashtray is full,
> but she wanted a colour printer... I've re-filled it a couple of
> times, and it still works fine - with Windoze.
>>> > Has anyone, ever, been able to get on of these Laserjet 1000 things
>>> > to work with any flavour of Linux? If so I'd be very grateful
>>> > to learn the secret.
>> I think I am right in saying that series of printers needs a firmware
>> file shooting up it's USB port before it will run. Try looking at the
>> foo2zjs driver, you'll probably find that you already have it but you
>> need to do some magic to download a firmware image and shoot it up to
>> the printer as it initialises.
>> Sorry I can't help more
> Thanks for that though. I have the foo2zjs downloaded and installed.
> With all my failed attempts, I can get the firmware to load each time 
> the computer boots (the printer acknowledges with LEDs flashing and the
> usual grindy noise) and Linux (usually Ubuntu) can see the printer and 
> thinks it's printing to it - but then nothing. Not even a failure
> notice or a stalled print queue. I seem to remember others with the
> same problem when I was Googling, but no-one had a better answer than
> "try it again".
> With laser printers so cheap now, maybe I should just give up and
> one that I know works with Linux. But, I hate discarding something that
> works - especially when it was free!

Probably the LJ 1000 has built-in PostScript emulation (certainly the
1300 series does -- I have a 1320. I can't check the 1000 on Google at
the moment because google.co.uk is not responding).

In that case you should be able to print anything PostScripty, in some
cases using an in-line filter to convert (e.g.) plain text to PS, just
using the LJ 1000 as a "raw" printer.

I can't comment on doing this setup with CUPS, though. In my setup, the
printer is connected to an old machine which does not have CUPS, so
the printing is done via the old original 'lp' mechanism. I have never
managed to get CUPS to talk successfully to 'lp'!

Hoping this may help,

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