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Simon Ransome simon at nosher.net
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On 14/12/2010 14:19, James Bensley wrote:
> I did indeed mean, I blame this entirely on my sleepiness :D
> My BSD box is falling over on the "equalize" flag. I don't think its in there :(

It doesn't seem to be according to the OS X "man route" (which is lifted
directly from BSD, according to the page). Here's a snip:

ROUTE(8)                  BSD System Manager's Manual
     route -- manually manipulate the routing tables

     route [-dnqtv] command [[modifiers] args]

     The route utility provides six commands:

     add         Add a route.
     flush       Remove all routes.
     delete      Delete a specific route.
     change      Change aspects of a route (such as its gateway).
     get         Lookup and display the route for a destination.
     monitor     Continuously report any changes to the routing
information base, routing lookup misses, or suspected network partitionings.


     The other commands have the following syntax:

           route [-n] command [-net | -host] [-ifscope boundif]
destination gateway [netmask]

     where destination is the destination host or network, gateway is
the next-hop intermediary via which packets should be routed.  Routes to
a particular host may be distin-
     guished from those to a network by interpreting the Internet
address specified as the destination argument.  The optional modifiers
- -net and -host force the destination to
     be interpreted as a network or a host, respectively.  Otherwise, if
the destination has a ``local address part'' of INADDR_ANY (, or
if the destination is the sym-
     bolic name of a network, then the route is assumed to be to a
network; otherwise, it is presumed to be a route to a host.  Optionally,
the destination could also be speci-
     fied in the net/bits format.


Maybe that'll help.


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