[ALUG] [ALUG Announce] Christmas! 3rd Monday Monthly Ipswich Social Meeting : McGintys, Northgate Street

samwise samwise at bagshot-row.org
Thu Dec 16 10:34:38 GMT 2010

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The monthly "Third Monday" ALUG Ipswich Social Meeting is back next
week, Monday 20th December, at 20:00:

P J McGinty & Sons
15 Northgate Street

Tel: 01473 251 515
Map/Directions URI: http://maps.google.co.uk/?q=IP1+3BY
WWW: http://www.pjmcgintys.co.uk/

McGintys pub is in the centre of Ipswich.  It's directly opposite the
town's central library and has a reputation for good Irish beer. We're
usually to be found in the lowest section of the bar, near the library
entrance to the pub.

This month, being Christmas and all, we're going to see if we can get
together enough ppl to go for a Christmas meal.  There hasn't really
been enough demand to warrant a pre-booking, so please turn up
promptly at eight and we'll head off at about quarter past, to
whereever we feel like it on the night.  There should be four or five
of us, at least, I hope.  If you're going to be late, you're welcome
to email me for my mobile number so that you can catch up with us when
you arrive (or the hardcore few may return to McGinty's after the

All are welcome, novices and experienced users.  Feel free to ask for
further information on the Main ALUG mailing list.

Hopefully, see some of you there!


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