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Mick mbm at rlogin.net
Tue Dec 21 09:16:20 GMT 2010

"Simon Elliott" <alug at sionide.net> wrote:

>On 20 December 2010 13:59, Mark Rogers <mark at quarella.co.uk> wrote:
>> I've installed RT to be used for managing incoming support emails.
>Having got it installed and "working" I'm finding it very hard to work
>out what to do next in terms of actually using it. (Eg I created myself
>a user, but can't see how to let that user see incoming emails,
>although I can see them fine logged in as root.)
>> Are there any good guides to using RT around? Google has let me down
>so far, and the RT wiki seems a bit to broad to get me started.
>> Where I need to get to pretty quickly is having a number of users,
>any of whom can take a ticket and work with it, or allocate it to
>another user where necessary. I also need to manage the email process
>(I have one particular client I want to push in this direction, but to
>do that I need to make sure they don't get most of the automated emails
>otherwise they'll be swamped as they send us probably 200 emails a week
>that will become separate tickets once I get this working).
>We use Spiceworks at work. http://www.spiceworks.com/ It offers a
>helpdesk system which does hook into email, we use a generic helpdesk@
>mailbox but the system forwards new tickets to our own addresses if we
>want it to - Spiceworks also offers a "user portal" so the user can
>log in to that to view their currently open tickets on a web-based
>system which sounds better for your high-volume client. The system
>allows allocating tickets to particular people etc. It also allows
>closing/updating of tickets directly from the automated email system,
>e.g. I can reply to an email with #close and a message which will
>close the ticket and push a message back to the user through the
>helpdesk@ mailbox. In Spiceworks you can also allocate time spent on
>each ticket and thus money charged in the latest version. It's got a
>good purchase tracking system also if you need to buy something to
>complete a particular ticket.
>And it's open source!! Maybe it's more what you're looking for - maybe
>not. Just my 2p.
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Ummmm! Doesn't seem to run on Linux.

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